Learn to Sing & Tell a Story through Song

Tenja Hagenberg comes with over 25 years of experience in performing in venues both large and small – in Canada and around the world. Tenja created Performance On Point in January 2018 to begin sharing her knowledge and insight in theatre, acting and singing with aspiring performers in the Niagara area. She now has over 40 students (with a waiting list) and is so proud and excited to share in their journey as they explore the world of theatre on different levels!

What’s it like to Learn with Performance On Point?

Lessons are conducted in Tenja’s west-end St. Catharines home, where there are multiple instruments and equipment at our disposal as needed through the lesson. Each lesson is one-hour in length, unless otherwise agreed upon, and includes warm-up and improvement of technique through working on songs or scenes.

Of course, Performance On Point’s Co-Director, Hutch, is also available for feedback at times in the lesson.

What opportunities do I have to perform?

Each year, Performance On Point presents a Student Showcase, which also serves as a benefit for Canadian Mental Health Association – Niagara Branch (a cause near and dear to the Hagenberg family). Each student will have an opportunity to be in the spotlight on their own, and participate in group numbers.

We also have ongoing digital opportunities to perform and be featured on our Instagram, with series including Sunday Summer Sessions (2020).

“My technique in my teaching is based around working scales & vocal tech and alongside that is finding ‘tricks’ for one to ‘find’ their voice. I feel that in lessons; as a continued student myself and working with my students, we can get in our own way because we are overthinking the ‘singing’. That’s where the ‘tricks’ come into play, working the acting, the lyrics and the imagination behind the notes whether singing a scale, an aria or belting out a music theatre piece! I have had much success myself with the ‘tricks’ and have seen tremendous growth in my students with confidence and getting out of their own way to be the best version of themselves to ‘tell the story’ in auditions, on stage, in a classroom or in rehearsals.”


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